Commercial Building Refurbishment Collins Square Melbourne

30 September 2019     Steve Dooley

Commercial Maintenance Loading Dock Fitout Melbourne

Refurbishing the Collins Square loading dock I managed with my team at Symmetry Commercial taking care of the design and installation components.

This upgrade I completed has enabled the facilities management team to increase their efficiency in operating the Collins Square precinct.

Through Symmetry Commercial’s staff and partners I delivered and coordinated the extensive trades list. Noting this included obtaining a building permit for the works.

The list included:

  • bricklayer
  • carpenter
  • joiner
  • glazier
  • painter
  • carpet layer
  • locksmith
  • surveyor
  • draftsman
  • cleaners

Managing this facility upgrade was impacted by the client operating the busy loading dock under business as usual conditions. However our team was still able to deliver the project from start to finish, 3 weeks, by the end of September.