Commercial Office Fitouts in Melbourne

First impressions count. Having the right office set up to wow your clients can be a total game-changer. Not to mention, you don’t have to lift a finger. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Commercial office fitouts in Melbourne or its surroundings will help attract clients and the right people for your next big project.
Having the right workspace design can improve productivity and create a positive atmosphere and an environment in which people want to work.

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Is business booming? Putting a bid in for that next big contract but need the space for new stock or more employees? 

With over three decades of experience, we use the expertise of a team of office fit-out specialists who know how to make the best use of any industrial, education, healthcare, or medical space. We work closely with clients from start to finish, ensuring commercial and office fit-out projects meet all industry and client requirements. 

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What Is A Commercial Fitout?

A commercial fitout involves the use of a white box or shell that ultimately prepares a commercial or office space to be transformed. The space is bare with white walls allowing the empty space to be designed in a way that is fit for its purpose.

Specialists in commercial and office fitouts are key players in the transformation of interior spaces. At Symmetry Commercial, we have extensive knowledge and experience working across the industrial, education and medical health care industries.

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When to Choose Commercial Office Fitouts?

A well-planned and organized commercial interior fitout is attractive to prospective clients and appreciated by employees. You may find that your staff feel more motivated and enthusiastic about working in a comfortable, tailor-made space, which boosts productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

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Office Fitouts Service Areas:

Our commercial fitout contractors are happy to travel anywhere within the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, as well as Geelong, to ensure we design your office or warehouse space to your specifications.

Medical Fitouts

We collaborate with medical experts to ensure the design and build of your commercial interior fitout are up-to-date and in line with industry standards. The blend of ergonomics, workflow efficiency, and aesthetics is unique to each client, and we guarantee your fitout supports your business plans for growth. Visit our page for more  information on our medical fitouts,

Commercial Office Fitouts

Industrial Fitouts

Industrial fitouts involve converting large industrial spaces such as production facilities, factories, and warehouses.

We recognise that each industrial facility has its requirements and work closely with clients from the start of any project. 

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Classroom Fitouts 

With extensive experience in education and schools, we know precisely how to optimise a space that exceeds modern standards and meets health and safety requirements. We offer classroom upgrades, re-configuration, new technology installation, and flooring updates to create immersive learning environments that teachers and children alike will love. Follow this link to see how we can help you with your classroom fitouts,

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Our Office Fitout Process

Our expansive office fitout services include working with designers and architects to craft and realise your workplace plans. 

From planning and design to budgeting and permit approval, we are there every step of the way with over 30 years of expertise. 

We install, update, and renovate throughout your office, shop, venue, warehouse, clinic, studio, medical premises, or educational facility. This process includes walls, ceilings, flooring, lighting, electrical, and plumbing. 

Then, in between times, our scheduled preventative maintenance service continues to save you time and money as we prolong the life and performance of your equipment, preserve the wear-and-tear on your property, and improve your business productivity and proficiency.

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Industries We Serve

We are more than just commercial office fitout specialists; we can also provide medical, industrial, education, and childcare fitouts. Follow this link for more information on the industries we service.

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Other Fitout Services We Offer

Whether you’re fitting out or defitting, demolishing, renovating, making changes, or making good, Symmetry Commercial offers an ideal balance with our extensive range of commercial office fitouts, industrial property services and professional maintenance options. 

We understand that unforeseen challenges are a given. When disaster strikes – be it a fire, storm, flood, electrical disruption, roofing troubles, or even vandalism – your business needs a rapid and reliable solution to “make safe” the situation. We’ll accurately assess the damage, take proactive measures to secure your property, and create a safe environment, minimising risks and ensuring a smoother recovery process. 

That new retail, commercial, or office space is all yours, and your lease has ended at the old one. You need someone to bring the old location back to its original state, and your current place of business will require a thorough overhaul and renovation before it can start working for you. Follow this link for more information on our defit and make good services. 

 Whether you’re fitting out or defitting, demolishing, renovating, making changes or making good, we offer an ideal balance with our extensive range of commercial and industrial property services and professional maintenance options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Office Fit Out?
An office fitout transforms a space with minimal structural elements into a customised and functional office space. It involves electrical and structural works, mechanical equipment, furnishings, and decorations. Office fitouts develop an area into a usable and sustainable space for its occupants. An office fitout reflects the culture and business needs of your company. It caters to the working requirements of your staff while ensuring they enjoy coming to work every day. Symmetry Commercial office fitouts focus on using technology and comfortable furnishings to add value to your business.
How Much Does An Office Fitout Cost?
Various factors will determine how much an office fitout costs. Symmetry Commercial custom designs our office fitouts to match client needs and budget. When considering the price of office fitouts, you should be aware that the landlord is only expected to provide for the basics like: - Ceilings - Flooring - Air conditioning Lighting, and - Standard amenities like bathrooms. As a tenant, your office fitout will need to include the following; - Workstations - Partitioned offices - Meeting rooms - Breakout areas - Telephones, including data and power, and - Furniture. For a tailored office fitout quote, contact Symmetry Commercial at tel:0393263146 or email
What Is An Example Of An Office Fitout?
A typical example of a Symmetry Commercial office fitout is at Granite Consulting, where we updated the reception and waiting areas. We design and build office fitouts for Melbourne companies when they relocate, renovate, or refurbish their office space. Our multidisciplinary team has over 30 years of experience designing and building office fitouts. As a Victorian registered building practitioner with a commercial licence.
Why Should I Consider A Fitout For My Office?
Apart from looking fresher, an office fitout has the following benefits: - The lighting and air conditioning can be upgraded to more energy-efficient options. - Your staff will enjoy working in an up-to-date environment with ergonomic furnishings and functional storage solutions. - The technology can be upgraded so your connectivity is faster, resulting in greater work efficiency. - Your business brand image is boosted so the first impression your clients get is positive. - The office space is well-planned, so available space is utilised more efficiently.
How Long Does a Typical Commercial Office Fitout Take?
We understand that time is money and promise not to waste either of those precious commodities. The average timeframe for a commercial office fitout is 2-3 months.