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At Symmetry Commercial, we understand the unforeseen challenges that commercial property owners face. When disaster strikes – be it a fire, storm, flood, electrical disruption, roofing troubles, or even vandalism – your business needs a rapid and reliable solution to “make safe” the situation. Our specialised Make Safe services are tailored to commercial properties, including schools, warehouses, offices, and more. We’ll accurately assess the damage, take proactive measures to secure your property, and create a safe environment, minimising risks and ensuring a smoother recovery process. Trust Symmetry Commercial for expert make safes, because your safety is our priority.

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Our Emergency Make Safe Services

At Symmetry Commercial, we offer emergency Make Safe services that are precisely tailored to address a wide range of issues impacting your property, such as:


Fire Make Safe

When fire strikes, it leaves behind a trail of chaos, and we’re here to make it right. Our Fire Make Safe services are designed to address your post-fire concerns, such as collapsed ceilings, damaged walls, and the aftermath of smoke or fire in classrooms and offices. 

Here’s how we respond:

  • Rapid Assessment: Our experts evaluate the damage, identifying critical safety hazards.
  • Structural Stabilisation: We secure compromised areas to prevent further harm.
  • Temporary Barriers: We set up barriers to isolate affected zones, ensuring safety for everyone.
  • Debris Removal: Clearing the mess, we pave the way for recovery.
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Flood & Storm Make Safe

When floods and storms wreak havoc, our Flood and Storm Make Safe services come to the rescue, tackling a range of issues, including moisture under floors, soaked carpets, mould, fallen trees and damaged fences. 

Our responses include:

  • Ceiling Securing: We stabilise water-damaged ceilings, ensuring safety.
  • Temporary Protection: We install tarps to shield against the elements while we reinstate walls or roofs.
  • Thorough Moisture Testing: We check beneath floors, carpets, walls, and ceiling cavities.
  • Water Extraction: We pull up carpets, wet vacuum excess water, and remove dampness.
  • Drying Solutions: We install ventilation and dehumidifier systems to efficiently dry carpets, walls, and more.

Electrical Make Safe

When electrical issues strike, our Electrical Make Safe services offer expert solutions for a variety of problems. Whether it’s faulty lighting, exposed wiring, dysfunctional outlets, damaged electrical fittings or more complex electrical malfunctions, we’ve got you covered.

Our responsive actions include:

  • Wiring Safety: We ensure electrical wiring is safe, minimizing hazards.
  • Fitting Replacements: We install new electrical fittings where needed.
  • Circuit Isolation and Testing: We isolate and thoroughly test circuits to guarantee safety.
  • Emergency Shutdown: In cases of severe electrical faults, we perform emergency shutdowns to prevent further damage or hazards.

Roofing Make Safe

When unexpected roof collapse in Melbourne occurs, our specialised Make Safe Roofing services step in to swiftly address a range of issues. This can include things such as collapsed ceilings, compromised walls, leads and water damage. Weather Protection: Leaks, water damage, and more are effectively managed to prevent further harm.

Here’s how we respond: 

  • Roof Structure Restoration: We repair and reinforce the damaged roof structure, ensuring stability.
  • Strategic Roof Tarping: We expertly install tarps to shield against ongoing weather-related damage.
  • Weatherproofing Measures: We apply weatherproofing techniques to prevent further water infiltration and protect your property from additional damage.
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Vandalism Make Safe

When vandalism strikes, our Vandalism Make Safe services are designed to address a range of issues, from broken windows to defaced surfaces. In addition, we also address concerns like unsecured entry points, damaged locks, and compromised building integrity. 

Our effective responses include:

  • Window Hoarding: We secure open windows with hoarding, ensuring safety and building security.
  • Refurbishment and Repairs: We restore damaged door locks, windows, and surfaces to their previous state.
  • Security Assessment: We conduct a thorough security assessment of the property, identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommending measures to prevent future acts of vandalism.
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Why Choose Symmetry Commercial For Your Make Safe Needs

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Symmetry Commercial is your trusted partner for comprehensive Make Safe services. From fire and flood to vandalism and more, we swiftly address property concerns, restoring safety and peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out for expert assistance. Contact us today at 03 9326 3146 or Let us handle the unexpected, so you can focus on what matters most. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Emergency Make Safe?
Emergency Make Safe services offer a range of safety precautions and procedures implemented when required. Unforeseen challenges like electrical disruption, fire, flood, storm, roofing issues, break-ins and vandalism can threaten your business's productivity. Our emergency Make Safe services are available 24/7 for all events and customer requirements, enhancing safety and reducing property damage.
When Are Emergency Make Safe Services Required?
When disaster strikes, Symmetry Commercial Emergency Make Safe services can help. Our specialised Make Safe services are tailored to your business and include the following: - Fire Make Safe services are designed to address post-fire issues like damaged buildings and smoke damage. We respond with rapid assessment, structural stabilisation, temporary barriers, and debris removal. - Flood and storm Make Safe services tackle moisture under floors, mould, soaked carpets, fallen trees and damaged fences. We respond by securing ceilings, installing tarps, moisture testing floors, carpets, walls, and ceiling, extracting water before drying and dehumidifying. - Electrical Make Safe services deal with faulty lighting, dysfunctional outlets, damaged fittings, exposed wiring, and complex electrical malfunctions. We respond by making wiring safe, replacing fittings, testing and isolating circuits, and performing emergency shutdowns. - Roofing Make Safe services deal with unexpected roof collapses, compromised walls, and water damage. We respond by restoring the roof structure, installing roof tarps and undertaking waterproofing.
How Much Do Make Safe Services Cost?
Symmetry Commercial Make Safe services are tailored to suit all types of businesses, including offices, schools, warehouses, and shops. Our experienced team will: - Accurately assess the damage. - Take proactive measures to secure the property. - Create a safe environment. - Minimise risks. - Coordinate repairs to ensure a smooth recovery process. At Symmetry Commercial, your safety is our priority. Get a quote for our emergency Make Safe services at tel:0393263146 or email