Facilities Maintenance

Facility maintenance is the term for the processes involved in the upkeep or servicing of a commercial building’s assets. It’s required to improve the operations, safety, and overall performance of a facility, thus allowing you to get the most out of it for the longest time possible.

What Does Facilities Maintenance Do?

The purpose of facilities maintenance is to ensure that all your assets and systems continue to perform as they were originally designed to. Facilities maintenance improves the operational efficiency of your commercial facility by extending the lifespan of your equipment and reducing the need for property repairs. With a comprehensive maintenance plan in place, you’ll save money, create a safe work environment, and keep your employees motivated. 

At Symmetry Commercial, we offer premium property maintenance services in Melbourne that are guaranteed to boost facility functionality, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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What Maintenance Services Do We Include?



We provide routine repair and maintenance services for your facility. From door repairs to office setup to seismic restraint installation for your equipment, our highly skilled carpenters have got you covered. We also undertake renovation and remodeling projects to improve your facility’s appearance.


Our certified plumbing technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your facility’s plumbing system to check for leaks, blockages, and other damage. We also repair and install hot water systems and gas appliances. Other plumbing services include burst pipe repair, septic system maintenance, and bathroom remodeling.


Electrical maintenance is an important building maintenance service. Our technicians can assess and make necessary repairs or upgrades to the components of your electrical systems – including wiring, power outlets, security lighting systems, and surge protection devices (SPD).


Heating system failures can cause significant damage to your facility and force you to halt certain operations. To prevent this, our property maintenance services in Melbourne include prompt and full-fledged heating maintenance. We cover the installation, repair, replacement, and tune-up of all your heating units.

Ventilation & Air-conditioning (HVAC)

Improve and maintain the air quality in your facility by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. Our expert HVAC technicians ensure that your air conditioning systems function efficiently while improving your facility’s energy performance. We fix faulty thermostats, bad ac condensers, refrigerant leaks, clogged air filters, and other problems that could reduce your HVAC system’s lifespan.

Fire Systems

Symmetry Commercial strives to make your facility functional and safety-oriented. Besides maintaining your physical assets, we also provide fire safety services. This includes fire risk assessment, fire alarm installations, and other commercial fire protection measures.


Whether you need minor paintwork to cover up small imperfections, or repainting of your entire facility, you can relax and leave the work to us! Our services go beyond aesthetics. We use high-quality paint products that resist damage from corrosion and weather, reducing your need for future renovations.


We handle all your tiling needs as part of our commercial maintenance service in Melbourne. Our skilled team can quickly transform your facility with new floor and wall tile installations or restorations. Other services include tile cleaning, grouting, and concrete polishing.


Plastering is another service we offer to improve the appearance of your facility’s interior and exterior. We provide reliable commercial maintenance services in Melbourne that include cement rendering, wall and floor screeding, and plasterboard installations. Our professional plasterers work tirelessly to ensure that you enjoy durable and well-maintained structures.

General Handyman

As one of the best commercial facilities maintenance companies in Melbourne, we give you access to a general handyman who can take care of minor tasks and repairs that come up in your facility. Our handyman is reputable and can provide emergency damage control before our experts arrive.



Gardening and Grounds Keeping

Some of our gardening and groundskeeping services include weed control, pruning, hedge cutting, and mowing. We focus on cleaning and improving the aesthetic value of your facility’s outdoor area. We also specialise in indoor plant maintenance, interior landscaping, and sports field maintenance.

Landscape Design

Our team of botanical experts, landscape architects, and gardeners offer services such as pest control, hardscape installation, tree trimming, plant fertilisation, debris removal, irrigation system maintenance, corporate courtyard design, and lawn renovation. We help make your facility more welcoming and attractive.

Garden Supplies

We provide a wide range of garden supplies to keep your garden in the best condition. Get your hands on quality compost, mulches, and chemicals for weed and pest management. Our ergonomic garden tools also make garden maintenance much easier.

Earth Moving 

Symmetry Commercial employs mechanics that specialise in earth-moving services. We provide earth-moving machines like excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, graders, scrapers, wheel loaders, and more. We also perform regular equipment maintenance to ensure optimal performance and to mitigate safety risks. We are well-equipped to meet your site development needs.


Facilities We Service


Business owners should prioritise office maintenance, as it has a significant impact on productivity, employee health, and safety. Our office maintenance services bring about greater efficiency in the workplace. By keeping your office clean and organised, your employees will be able to focus more on their tasks and keep better records, and clients will have more confidence in your services.


Property refurbishment is expensive and time-consuming. Maintenance services are much more cost-effective, as they prevent major damages. We perform routine property maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape and increase and preserve its value for as long as possible.

Industrial and Commercial Building

As commercial and industrial building maintenance providers, we cater to all your facility needs, giving you more time to make smarter business decisions. We offer a wide range of industrial building maintenance services, including facility inspection, cleaning, commercial renovation, infrastructure installation, and operations optimisation.


Apartment maintenance services are needed to improve the safety and liveability of residential complexes. Symmetry Commercial provides preventive apartment maintenance services such as deep cleaning, electrical maintenance, HVAC repairs, waterline inspection, landscaping, and general appliance repair services. We make landlords’ duties easier and we keep tenants satisfied.

Strata Property

Strata managers require the help of strata property maintenance services to effectively manage building complexes. Our strata property maintenance services help create environments that are conducive to good health and well-being. Masonry work, indoor and outdoor painting, gardening, pressure cleaning, and car park maintenance are just a few of the services we provide for strata properties. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Facilities Maintenance?
Facility maintenance is the upkeep and servicing of a building’s assets, to ensure they meet safety requirements and continue to operate as intended for the longest time possible. Facility maintenance can span a number of trade areas, such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, ventilation, heating and cooling, fire systems, painting and plastering, landscaping and gardening and general handyman work. Read more about monthly commercial building maintenance activities performed by Symmetry Commercial.
What Is Included In Commercial Facilities Maintenance Services?
A wide variety of tasks can be performed as part of commercial facilities maintenance, including inspections, routine maintenance, repairs and replacing equipment. Commercial facilities maintenance might cover regular cleaning and gardening activities, maintaining security lighting and equipment, maintaining ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, ensuring the safety and performance of electrical and fire systems, and dealing with ad hoc painting, plastering and plumbing jobs.
How Frequently Should I Schedule Maintenance For My Commercial Property?
Scheduling regular maintenance helps keep your commercial property in good condition, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs, replacements or emergency callouts. Regular maintenance is also crucial to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. The required frequency of maintenance will vary depending on the type of facility, age, specific equipment and upkeep needs. Symmetry Commercial can help you identify the ideal maintenance schedule for your commercial property.