Have you come to the end of a lease? Are you renovating? Before you expand into your new spaces, you’ll have to strip back your old one to its original state to satisfy the landlord’s requirements.

Whether you need a simple defit or a defit and make good, Symmetry Commercial has the right blend of know-how and experience to get the job done efficiently and with minimal fuss. We provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of commercial and office spaces during your end-of-lease or renovation periods. We have over 30 years of company expertise ranging from a commercial defit to strip out demolition, office defits and shop defit services.

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What Is A Make-Good and Defit?

Strictly speaking, there is a difference between a defit and a makegood provision. To fully explain these services:

  • Defit – This basically removes the current fitout that you’ve added to the property since you first started your lease and leaves it in its base condition. This can include removing any technology, equipment, furniture, partitions, signage, benches, cabinets, false ceilings, etc. It also involves disconnecting and removing any electrical systems, fittings, and fixtures that you may have installed during your tenancy. Typically, your defit should leave the building as an “empty shell” so that it can then be fit out for a new purpose. How far should you go with a defit? It depends on whether you are renovating/refurbishing or if your lease has ended and you are moving out. If you’re simply renovating, the defit might only go as far as plugging any holes and some repainting before you commence the new fit out.


  • Make Good – On the other hand, if you’re ending your lease on a commercial property, there is often a “make good” clause in the original rental contract to protect the landlord. It outlines the tenant’s obligations regarding the property’s condition when it is handed back to the landlord. This may have very specific wording about the conditions that must be met as part of the defit and is sometimes quite costly to the tenant.
Make Good & Defit Services

How We Can Help You with Your Make Goods?

If you need an office make good in Melbourne as part of ending your lease, we can simplify this process for you!

The make-good clause in a rental contract could vary from simply leaving the space clean and tidy, right up to returning the property to “base building standard” (which is usually comprehensive and expensive). Understandably, these clauses can be very contentious! Fortunately, our team at Symmetry Commercial has decades of experience helping our clients satisfy even the most nitpicky landlords when they move out. We’ll have our registered builders review your site and condition report. You’ll then receive cost-effective recommendations and achievable timeframes to leave your rented premises in a condition that complies with your make-good clause and satisfies your landlord.

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Our Defit & Make Good Services in Melbourne

If you’re a property manager, commercial property owner, retail shop owner, or office manager in Melbourne and:

  • you’re at the end of your lease agreement, or
  • you’re planning to renovate or refurbish your spaces,

then we’ve got the services to make it easy for you!

Our defit and make-good services include:

  • Commercial demolition
  • Commercial strip outs
  • Removal of walls and doors
  • Floor replacement works
  • Disconnection of electrical and lighting systems
  • Removal of glass and glazing
  • Removal of false ceilings
  • Tiling repair and gap filling
  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Removal of fixtures & fittings added by you
  • General repairs
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Commercial Defit

If you need a commercial defit inMelbourne, we offer a comprehensive range of defit and make-good services for commercial spaces. We can defit your shop, restaurant, cafe, bar, industrial space, gym, medical centre and any other small business and commercial spaces. Our meticulous attention to detail will ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards.

Office Defit

Dismantling and clearing out office environments is a very specialised process. An office defit involves removing your technology, equipment, workstations, furniture, partitions, glass and glazing, benches, bulkheads, joinery, cabinets, false ceilings, and any electrical systems that you may have installed. At Symmetry Commercial, we’ll help you plan a strategic approach that allows your businesses to transition smoothly, whether you are relocating, upgrading, or closing.

Strip Out Demolition

Strip out demolition involves removing and demolishing the internal and non-structural components of any commercial, office or industrial space. This can include bathrooms, kitchens, bulkheads, partitions and false ceilings, leaving only the shell of the building. These services are essential for renovations, refurbishments, or complete property overhaul projects. At Symmetry Commercial, we place an emphasis on precision and safety when removing internal structures, fixtures, and finishes while preserving the building’s structural integrity.

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Melbourne’s Choice for Make Good and Strip-Out Services

Why is Symmetry Commercial the leading provider of make-good, strip-out and defit services in Melbourne? Because our experienced and qualified team of specialists are always ready to provide tailor-made defit and make-good solutions that will fit your unique facility needs and repair all your property problems.


Industries We Serve

We’ve been in the shopfitting business for over 30 years, and we complete projects big and small, on time, on budget and safely. The industries we service include:

  • Commercial and Corporate – Besides defit and make-good services, we can also fit out your new premises, transforming your space into a highly functioning and professional work environment.
  • Medical – In addition to defit and make-good services, we work with you to ensure your new medical fit-outs are practical, hygiene-focused and attractive.
  • Retail – We can strip out your old setup and custom design a retail fit-out that is stylish, functional and engaging for your customers.
  • Education & Childcare – We provide high-quality learning spaces with inspiring education and childcare fit-outs.
  • Government – We can strip down your old work areas, boost productivity and transform your workspaces with a professional government fit-out.
Make Good & Defit Services

Other Make Good and Defits Services We Offer

Here are other services that we offer:

  1. Fitouts, Defits and Make Good – This includes education, healthcare, commercial and office fit-outs that bring your plans to life.
  2. Commercial Office Fitouts – Having the right workspace design improves productivity and helps to create a positive atmosphere in which people want to work.
  3. Emergency Make Safe Services – When an emergency happens, such as a storm, flood, fire, vandalism, etc., your business needs a rapid and reliable solution to “make safe” the situation.
Make Good & Defit Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fitout service, and how does it differ from a Defit service?
A fitout service turns an empty space into a functional workspace. This may require installing internal partitions, kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, electrics, heating and cooling, built-in furniture and special equipment. Fitout service providers may perform office fitouts and industrial or commercial fitout services. Defit services strip all these elements away, and include demolition, removal of hazards and disconnection of utilities. Defits are often undertaken at the end of a lease in combination with a ‘make good’ service, which restores the space to its original condition. A defit may also be done prior to a refit, in order to prepare the space for a new purpose.
How Long Does A Defit Take?
The time taken for a defit depends on several factors. These include location, accessibility, the extent of work required and any end-of-lease requirements that must be met. You can expect a retail or commercial defit to take around 2-5 business days, while office defit services may take 1-2 weeks.
What Is The Cost Of A Defit?
The cost of a defit depends upon the extent of demolition and strip back required, what furniture, utilities or equipment need to be removed, whether flooring needs to be lifted and so on. There may also be the cost of ‘make good’ services such as relaying flooring, painting and plastering. We invite you to contact Symmetry Commercial for a tailored quote.
Can defit services in Melbourne handle large-scale retail strip-outs?
Yes. Symmetry Commercial’s friendly and experienced team can handle a defit or strip-out of any size. No job is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions that are cost-effective, safe and compliant, within achievable timeframes.
What steps should I take to prepare for a defit in Melbourne?
The first thing to do is review your rental contract. There is usually a “make-good” clause that tells you what the landlord requires before you vacate the premises. The next thing is to contact our friendly staff. Our registered builders will review your site, condition report, lease, & dilapidation report, assisting you to leave the property with the minimum cost. Once you engage us for your defit and make good, the stress is off. All you have to do is pack up and move out. Then our team will move in and bring your vacated space up to the required condition!