That new retail, commercial, or office space is all yours, and your lease has ended at the old one. The previous location now needs to be stripped back to its original state, and your current place of business is going to need a thorough overhaul and renovation before it can start working for you.


Whether you’re fitting out or defitting, demolishing, renovating, making changes or making good, Symmetry Commercial offers you an ideal balance with our extensive range of commercial and industrial property services and our professional maintenance options.

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Make Good & Defit Experts At Symmetry Commercial

With over thirty years of company experience, at Symmetry Commercial we take pride in our qualified team of Melbourne specialists who have all the solutions when it comes to safe, efficient and professional property works for you.


Our friendly staff are always ready to tailor-make the Melbourne defit or office make-good service that will fit your unique facility needs and repair all your property problems. You can give us a call, send us an email, or make time to come in and visit us so we can custom-build you the solution you’ve been looking for. Call us at 03 9326 3146 to speak with a team member now! 

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What Is A Make-Good?

A ‘make-good’ is the process of fulfilling that clause in your lease agreement by returning a property to its original state when the lease ends.

From understanding the full requirements of the make-good clause, addressing compliance issues and completing condition reports to the actual task of ‘defitting’ or stripping out all the flooring, fittings, partitions, joinery, and everything else your business installed in the space is demanding, time-consuming and can be very stressful for you.

Without the help of professionals, this is an expensive, extensive and problematic project. Choosing a highly experienced and specialist service team to get the job done for you means your shop defit or office make-good becomes a safe, smooth, and streamlined experience.

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Our Make Good & Defit Services

At Symmetry Commercial, our comprehensive range of services ensures that whether you’re moving in or out, or your facility requirements are commercial, industrial, retail, medical, educational or corporate, we have your Melbourne make-good and defit needs covered.

If you need it removed, replaced, repaired, restored, renovated, demolished, dismantled or decommissioned in order to get your old space securely back to its original condition or your new place ready for its refit, we are at your service.

Commercial Demolition

The shop front façade, internal offices, or storage rooms built specifically for your workspace now need safe and efficient removal. Our commercial demolition service begins with clearing the site, removing materials that could be hazardous during demolition such as electrical or flammable items, and disconnecting utilities. We then conduct a safe, careful and well-planned demolition of the necessary areas and remove all the consequent waste materials and debris.

We strive to make the process as clean and tidy as we leave the space.

Commercial Strip Outs

Design features you installed when your lease began have served your business well, such as bulkheads and joinery, internal walls and partitions, doors and windows, or built-in furniture such as storage, service desks or seating – but now it all has to go.

Professional removal of main installations and major fittings to defit your premises at end-of-lease should be an efficient and expert process that leaves the property open and empty for the next tenants, and ensures that you and your make-good clause are both fully satisfied.

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Floor Replacement Works

Carpet, underlay, vinyl and floorboards – when it’s time for restoring a facility to its original condition, uplifting and replacing floor coverings should include removing any previous traces of adhesives or material for your commercial make-good.

Depending on your requirements, replacing original flooring may also include cleaning, sealing, and repairing, as we work to return the space back to its initial state for you.

Removals Of Fixtures & Fittings

Dismantling electrical features like light fittings, fans, or additional wiring or appliances should only ever be done by professionals. Safety comes first when we’re expertly removing or decommissioning fixtures and fittings from your commercial space, including utility items, decorative features or even decals.


With the wall and ceiling design features you installed now stripped out, it’s time to fix any wear or tear in the spacious interior. Our highly-trained and experienced team will patch holes, smooth surfaces, and freshly plaster walls or ceilings to make good on your make-good.


There are few things as satisfying as a professional and pristine paint job. Our expert commercial painters are specialists in colour-matching, repainting and finishing off any surfaces after your property defit.


With defit and make-good services, we begin with the big issues, but we never overlook the little things. From the large demolition to the small repairs at the end of the process, our multi-disciplinary team share skills in all areas of refit and renovation. So we can make certain even minor repairs that have happened during your tenancy in the space will be fixed and finalised when your lease is up.


Why Choose Symmetry Commercial For Your Defit & Make-Good Needs

When it comes to complying with defit requirements and make-good clauses, restoring your premises to a pristine original state, and avoiding unforeseen costs or additional problems or even lease disputes with demanding landlords, Symmetry Commercial has the solutions.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality and comprehensive defit service, from our initial assessment to the final finishing touches. Moreover, we are determined to make sure your make-good is cost-effective, time-efficient and fully compliant and complete.

Our team have all the years of experience, specialised knowledge, and professional expertise you need to make the make-good process a swift, smooth and seamless experience. When you’re moving out of or moving into a commercial or industrial property, you already have enough to worry about – let Symmetry Commercial do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to building, maintaining or servicing your premises.

Make Good & Defit Services In Melbourne

Our Other Maintenance Services

Not only can we help you defit and make-good when you move out of your old location – Symmetry Commercial is ready to make your new business vision a reality too. Our expansive fitout services include working with designers and architects to craft and realise your latest workplace plans. We install, update and renovate throughout your office, shop, venue, warehouse, clinic, studio, medical premises or educational facility.

Plus, continuing to look after your commercial space is essential for any business. A regular professional facilities maintenance service keeps your operations efficient, your equipment replacement and property repairs down, and your work environment a safe, professional and welcoming place.

From plumbing and electrical, heating and cooling, and fire safety systems. From building and carpentry to painting, plastering and tiling, we have all your interior repair and maintenance needs organised – and we also offer landscaping, gardening and groundskeeping services too.

Even if things happen onsite beyond your control, our reactive maintenance service is ready for an emergency and corrective action. Necessary repairs resulting from any weather damage, equipment breakdowns or vandalism keeps your business running smoothly with minimal disruption or delay.

Then in between times, our scheduled preventative maintenance service continues to save you time and money, as we prolong the life and efficiency performance of your equipment, preserve the wear-and-tear on your property, and improve your business productivity and proficiency.


Symmetry Commercial can build you the ideal workplace solution – from fitouts, refits and defits, to repairs, renovations and make-goods – no matter what your commercial property service needs.

Make Good & Defit Services In Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fitout service, and how does it differ from a Defit service?
A fitout service turns an empty space into a functional workspace. This may require installing internal partitions, kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, electrics, heating and cooling, built-in furniture and special equipment. Fitout service providers may perform office fitouts and industrial or commercial fitout services. Defit services strip all these elements away, and include demolition, removal of hazards and disconnection of utilities. Defits are often undertaken at the end of a lease in combination with a ‘make good’ service, which restores the space to its original condition. A defit may also be done prior to a refit, in order to prepare the space for a new purpose.
How Long Does A Defit Take?
The time taken for a defit depends on several factors. These include location, accessibility, the extent of work required and any end-of-lease requirements that must be met. You can expect a retail or commercial defit to take around 2-5 business days, while office defit services may take 1-2 weeks.
What Is The Cost Of A Defit?
The cost of a defit depends upon the extent of demolition and strip back required, what furniture, utilities or equipment need to be removed, whether flooring needs to be lifted and so on. There may also be the cost of ‘make good’ services such as relaying flooring, painting and plastering. We invite you to contact Symmetry Commercial for a tailored quote.