Retail Fittings & Fit Outs In Melbourne

With over thirty years of experience delivering multiple services to a range of commercial and retail sectors in Melbourne, our team has the knowledge to provide top-quality shop fittings and defits on time and within budget for any industry. 

We help guide you through each step of the journey, from the initial planning stage through to reactive maintenance and regular inspections. Our multidisciplinary team even makes sure that the building regulations and lease agreements are honoured and up to code so you can focus on running your retail business. 

If you are new to the retail industry and need help with your first shop fitting, we provide the quality materials and fittings you need for your store to look good, run efficiently and compete effectively.   

For those who are expanding or looking to relocate to a new property, we supply all the retail defit services you need to move out as well as offering advice about any lease agreements, so you can be sure you get your bond back. We know the retail relocation process can be tricky, but whatever the problem, Symmetry Commercial has the solution. 


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If you have any questions about your retail property or are curious about how the fit-out or defit processes work, contact us at 03 9326 3146. Our team is happy to help.

At Symmetry Commercial, whatever your commercial and retail property needs, we provide solutions with our range of trusted services:

  • Retail and commercial fit-outs 
  • Defits and make goods 
  • Refurbishments
  • Facility inspections
  • Preventative, reactive and emergency maintenance. 

Our head office is located at Level 1, 525 Spencer Street, West Melbourne, VIC 3003, or you can email us at


Why Choose Symmetry Commercial For Your Retail Services

During the last thirty years, we have learned a lot from creating commercial and retail property spaces for a wide range of Melbourne- based businesses. From educational to medical, retail to governmental, our experience allows us to maintain high-quality services and standards specific to Melbourne that few others can provide. 

We also understand that the retail sector is especially competitive and that creating a shopping space that is visually appealing and easy to navigate are important factors for you and your customers. 

All these processes of planning, implementing, fitting and maintenance can be difficult, not to mention expensive and legally complicated. That is where Symmetry Commercial offers solutions. 

Our multidisciplinary team makes sure that your project comes in on time and within budget, using high-quality materials and preventative maintenance measures to ensure that your retail shop fittings work as intended for as long as needed. We are also well-versed in Melbourne’s commercial and retail building codes, so we guarantee your property will comply with any and all legal requirements if your property is at the end of its lease or you want to relocate. If you still have any questions, contact our team for help with any step of the process.

Our retail fit-out services provide all the facilities you need, from the initial fitting stage, to display units and front-of-store design. If you are looking to end your lease or change locations, our retail strip-out and defit services make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Our Retail Services

Our retail fit-out services provide all the facilities you need, from the initial fitting stage, to display units and front-of-store design. If you are looking to end your lease or change locations, our retail strip-out and defit services make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Retail Fit Outs

The fit-out process involves turning an empty ‘white space’ into a fully functioning and equipped retail store. We transform the interior space by fitting all the facilities needed, such as display units, storage, front-of-shop, fixtures, furniture and anything else that is required. We make your plans come to life so that your store looks good, runs well and can compete in your industry. 

During the retail fit-out process, we help with the planning, building and maintenance stages of shop fittings. We always make sure that the retail fit-out works for your budget, your timeline, and, ultimately, your customers. We can start with any retail shop type. Whether it is an empty workspace or an existing store needing refurbishment, our qualified team provides the installations you need to run your retail business. At Symmetry Commercial, we endeavour to ensure that your retail shop looks and functions as best it can. 



Retail Strip Outs & Defits

A Retail Strip Out, or Defit, is the process of removing semi-permanent structures and facilities. This is to return the retail property to its original empty state, also known as a ‘white box.’ It is to make sure that the space is easy to work with so that a new fit-out process can take place.

If your retail store is moving location, then a defit is needed to fulfil any lease agreements you signed. This is so you can receive your bond back and have no issues leasing a new property. 

Here in Melbourne, a retail defit is required for most shop property renters who are either vacating the premises or are ending the initial lease agreement. The legal process can be lengthy and complicated, but luckily, our experts take care of that for you. If you have any questions about your retail property end-of-lease, you can also contact us at 03 9326 3146.


Fit Out Specialists In Melbourne

We know how vital your retail space is to you and your customers. That’s why our retail fit-out services provide tailor-made spaces that will help give you an edge over your competition. Not only do we make sure the shop fittings follow your plans we also build facilities that last longer with our preventive, reactive and emergency maintenance services. Our qualified technicians can give regular assessments to guarantee everything works as intended. 

The same standards apply to our strip-out and retail defit services. We offer reliable solutions so that your move out is as easy as possible. Whether you are at your end-of-lease or are relocating, our specialists get the job done efficiently and hassle-free.  

If you are ready to get started or have any questions for us, contact us today at 03 9326 3146

At Symmetry Commercial, whatever your retail property needs, we provide solutions.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Process For A Retail Fitout?
A retail fitout begins with the design phase, starting with an initial concept, incorporating branding elements and finalising the design. Next, a project plan is drawn up, which covers all tasks and timelines. After that, materials, furniture and equipment are sourced, and then construction begins. A retail fitout service provider will manage all supplies and trades to deliver the project. The fitout process also involves working with the client and external parties, such as shopping centre management or the local council, to ensure any requirements are met and to obtain approvals. The final step is to ensure everything is clean, functional, fully set up, and ready for handover to the client.
What Types Of Retail Businesses Can Benefit from Fitout Services?
A well-designed retail space is vital to its success in any industry. A retail fitout not only determines the store’s visual appeal to its customers but also impacts the store’s functionality and, ultimately, its profitability. Any retail business will benefit from a well-considered fitout, including fashion boutiques, specialty stores, supermarkets, factory outlets and stores that combine retail with experiences or services.
How Long Does It Take To Complete a Retail Fitout Project?
The time it takes to deliver a retail fitout can vary quite substantially, depending upon factors such as the size of the space, complexity of design, and the finishes to be achieved. External factors can also have an impact, such as the availability of supplies and the time it takes for any approvals to be granted. In general, most retail fitouts will take between a few weeks and a few months. Contact Symmetry Commercial to obtain a timeline estimate for your own custom fitout.