Preventive Maintenance in Melbourne

Preventive maintenance is required to ensure your facilities are running correctly. Preventive maintenance refers to any maintenance, inspections, or services performed regularly to reduce the risk of system failure and to confirm your facilities are up to date with compliance standards. 

With Symmetry Commercial, you can have preventive maintenance services performed to an expert level within your budget. These maintenance services would be scheduled at times agreed upon by you and aim to take place at a time that doesn’t interfere with trading hours. Depending on the client’s individual needs, our expert team can undertake a wide range of services. Services can include carpentry, electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), fire systems, painting, tiling, plastering, & general handyman services.


What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is the performing of regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns and failures of equipment. In short, preventive maintenance aims to fix equipment before it breaks and extend the life of the equipment. This is done through machine learning, operational data analytics, and certain software designed to assist in preventive maintenance.

By scheduling regular intervals of preventive maintenance, you can ensure stable operations, resolve issues before they occur, comply with warranties, and more. Our team can perform these scheduled maintenance tasks and even provide reports on the work that was done.


The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

The functional yang to preventive maintenance’s yin is what’s known as reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is, essentially, the process of putting maintenance aside until something goes wrong. This could be something unexpected like theft, a fire, or a natural disaster. It could also simply be the equipment ceasing to work due to its lack of regular maintenance. 

On the other hand, preventive maintenance is focused on anticipating equipment failure and taking corrective action before such a breakdown occurs. In the end, preventative maintenance becomes far less costly and results in less downtime.

Preventive maintenance can extend the lifespan of the equipment, decrease the risk of future breakdowns, ensure equipment is safe, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

Extends Equipment Lifespan

By scheduling regular preventive maintenance, your equipment will last longer, the warranties will be kept up to date, and you will save money. Constantly replacing broken equipment can be costly. If you can extend the lifespan of your equipment, you will not have to spend time and money constantly replacing it.

Decreased Risk of Breakdowns

Most of the benefits listed are a direct result of decreased risk of breakdowns. When equipment fails, productivity will plummet until it is repaired or replaced. Around 90% of mechanical failures are preventable. With regularly scheduled maintenance, you can effectively lower the risk of equipment failure and keep up with productivity.

Increased Equipment Safety

By maintaining equipment and ensuring it is working properly, you can prevent dangerous breakdowns and improve the safety of your equipment and employees. Health and safety are always primary concerns in a business that uses potentially dangerous machinery. Liability lawsuits can also be expensive, so it is best to keep equipment failure to a minimum.

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

Efficient and well-looked-after equipment will always translate to customer satisfaction, increased earnings, and cost savings. Having preventive maintenance in place will increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand image as the quality of your products and overall reliability increases.

Reduced Costs

Simply using a piece of equipment until it fails and then repairing or replacing it can cost up to ten times as much as regular maintenance. The repairs themselves, the cost of rushed shipment of parts, paying for technicians, and the downtime required to have them fixed can add up. Preventive maintenance saves money – there is no way around it.

Improved Productivity

When you meet maintenance requirements regularly, productivity rises, and downtime falls. This leads to improved productivity and efficiency. Poor maintenance can reduce your company’s productivity by around 20%. Preventive maintenance allows you to schedule repairs at convenient times for your facility, effectively reducing any disruptions in efficiency.


Why Choose Symmetry Commercial for Your Preventive Maintenance Needs

Symmetry Commercial has been around for over 30 years now, and over the years we have gained a reputation as a reliable, professional, and expert team. Our projects are always completed on time, no matter how big or small, and our experienced team consistently provides fast and accurate services to our clients. Additionally, our subcontractors are available 24/7 to fix a wide range of facilities problems.

Not only will we complete your needed on-site services, but we can also provide reports of the work done and complete certifications of compliance as needed. In addition to maintenance services, we also provide landscaping and front or back-of-house facilities support. We can work with you to create a budget for general maintenance spending and capital project expenditure. From there, we can deliver performance outcomes on par with budget objectives and with minimal disruption to your business’s productivity.

For any of your facility needs, be sure to contact us, and we will get to work on finding a solution. Inquiries can be made via email or telephone.

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Our Other Maintenance Services

If you need any other maintenance services for your business, odds are we can help. Symmetry Commercial offers multiple services with expertise, and we are sure we can help your business increase productivity and save money. In addition to preventive maintenance, we also offer reactive maintenance, commercial facilities maintenance, and an emergency repair service and call centre that is open 24/7. Our expertise ranges from carpentry to plumbing, electrical, heating, HVAC, fire systems, painting, tiling, plastering, and any other general handyman duties. The next time your facility requires maintenance of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact Symmetry Commercial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Preventive Maintenance?
Preventive maintenance refers to the routine and regular maintenance of assets and equipment to prevent costly downtime if they stop running or the equipment fails. An effective preventive maintenance strategy needs planned and scheduled maintenance before an issue or problem occurs. It also includes records of past inspections and servicing of the equipment.
What Is Planned Preventive Maintenance?
Planned preventive maintenance is a strategy where maintenance tasks are scheduled regularly while the equipment or asset functions normally. This type of maintenance aims to prevent problems from occurring and reduces the likelihood of downtime. A planned preventive maintenance program helps businesses budget ahead of time for work that may be required.
Why Is A Preventive Maintenance Schedule Necessary?
A preventive maintenance schedule focuses on anticipating equipment and assets will fail and taking corrective action before this happens. The benefits of a Symmetry Commercial preventive maintenance schedule include the following: - Extends the lifespan of equipment and assets: With regular servicing and inspections, your business won’t have to spend as much time and money constantly replacing them. - Reduced breakdown risk: When equipment fails, business productivity will either stop or plummet while it’s repaired or replaced. With estimates of up to 90% of mechanical failures being preventable, regular scheduled maintenance can reduce the risk of equipment failure. - Increased safety: Regularly maintained equipment can prevent injuries and ensure your business complies with health and safety legislation requirements. - Reduced costs: Using equipment until it fails and needs repairing or replacing is more expensive than checking and servicing it regularly and adjusting it when required.
How Often Should Preventive Maintenance Be Performed?
When considering how often should preventive maintenance be performed, Symmetry Commercial looks at the following: - Time-based, where maintenance is performed at regular intervals. - Usage-based where equipment usage is considered. - Condition-based, where the state of the equipment is assessed. - Predictive, where we use advanced technologies to predict when maintenance is needed. Our preventive maintenance services are performed at expert levels to match your budget. We schedule these services when you agree and undertake them without interfering with your trading hours. Symmetry Commercial preventive maintenance services reduce the risk of system failure while ensuring your facilities remain compliant with industry standards and safety legislation.