Commercial Fit-Outs, Make Goods, Defits & Maintenance Services

As one of the leading figures in Melbourne for commercial building maintenance, we understand the importance of your commercial property. With over thirty years of experience, our multidisciplinary team specialises in providing solutions for all your commercial fit-out, defit, make good and maintenance needs. 

We take pride in the quality of our work and are well-versed with Australia’s national codes and regulations across multiple industries, ranging from commercial and retail to medicinal and educational. No matter the type of commercial building, we are here to guide you along every step of the way. 

Suppose you are moving into a new space. In that case, our high-quality commercial fit-outs are designed to be completed easily and efficiently, so you can acquire a space for your business and its customers faster and with fewer costs.  

We also provide services for commercial defit and make goods, if your property is at the end of its lease. We have experience communicating with landlords and handling any issues that may arise. Top it all off, our call centre is open 24/7 to answer any other questions you might have, just call 03 9326 3146

At Symmetry Commercial, whatever your commercial property needs, we provide solutions.

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Why Choose Symmetry Commercial For Your Commercial Services

For decades, we have been helping businesses in Melbourne build their dream commercial property spaces. We understand that your workspaces are at the heart of what you do and that managing one, whether it be for the process of a commercial fit-out or commercial maintenance, can be difficult. 

That is why we are here to help you. Our qualified technicians provide streamlined and effective solutions when it comes to commercial fit outs, defits, make goods and maintenance, ensuring your project comes in on time and within budget. We also take care to meet codes and make-good clauses that are required in the state of Victoria so that you can be free of any legal headaches or disputes with landlords. 

Our industrial and facilities services include removal, repair, restoration, renovation, demolition, decommissioning and maintenance. We ensure you are provided with everything your property needs, no matter the stage of its production or industry. We service clients in important commercial sectors, such as education, medical, government, corporate and retail, all of which are satisfied with their solutions.

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Our Commercial Services

During our time working in the Melbourne commercial property sector, we have not only worked with a wide range of clients but also built up a trusted range of commercial services. 

We provide the best services for your commercial fit-outs, defit, make good and maintenance needs.

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Commercial Fit-Outs

A commercial fit-out is the process of producing the right office or workspace for you and your customers. It starts with a bare workspace or ‘white box’ that can then be transformed into any interior required. We do this by installing the facilities and utility equipment that your property needs to function with the best materials and maintenance services available. 

Our multidisciplinary teams have the expertise to ensure that your commercial project is up to code and that the production process runs as effectively as possible, saving you time and money. 

We don’t only offer office space; we work with medical, industrial and even educational facilities, catering to their own legal and ethical requirements. 

We pride ourselves on knowing that our commercial spaces are safe, comfortable and reliable.


Commercial Defits & Make Goods

A commercial defit or make good, is the procedure of returning the property to its original ‘bare’ state. This is usually done in compliance with an end-of-lease agreement during the move-out process. The commercial defit involves stripping out the floorings, fittings, partitions, joinery and everything else that was installed so that the empty space, or ‘white box’, is ready to be transformed by the next business fit out. 

The process can be lengthy and complicated, especially with the complex nature of the lease agreements here in Melbourne, but we take care of that for you. Our team makes sure to fulfil all requirements set out by the property contract, no matter the variables of industry codes. 

From medical offices to educational hub rooms, our trusted technicians overlook every aspect of the process, from start to finish. This means we do the commercial demolition, strip-outs, floor replacement, removal of fixtures, plastering, painting and even repairs, so you can be sure your move out is hassle-free.


Commercial Maintenance Services

Our experts are always on hand to fix any breakages in your commercial property, even before they happen. With preventative maintenance, we perform accredited inspections to assess whether your facilities are safe and up-to-date according to compliance regulations. 

If something does break down, don’t panic, we quickly respond with specialised technicians as part of our reactive maintenance service. Our experience and use of high-quality materials allow for fast, long-lasting repairs across many industries. 

We also keep everything running smoothly with our facilities maintenance, where we service and upkeep your commercial property’s assets to reduce the risk of break-down, ensuring your facilities run with effectiveness and longevity. Our services cover everything you could need, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heating, air-conditioning (HVAC), fire systems, painting, tiling, plastering, and general handyman services. We support you wherever you may need it, even in front and back of house, so you can trust that everything functions as it should.

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Experts At Symmetry Commercial

We have gone from strength to strength over the last three decades, ensuring key businesses across a wide range of industries in Melbourne get the commercial properties they deserve. 

Our commercial fit-out services create facilities and building assets needed to make a business thrive and keep customers happy. We ensure each space is unique and tailor-made to your plans while complying with regulations. 

The same goes for our commercial defit and make goods. We offer reliable solutions to ensure you and your landlord are happy during the moving-out process. Our team works for you to make the experience as stress-free as possible. 

And, of course, you won’t have to worry about maintenance either. Our preventive, reactive and facilities maintenance services mean your commercial property will be running smoothly for as long as you need it, with regular assessments provided by our accredited technicians. 

Our team is always happy to help, so contact us today at 03 9326 3146. At Symmetry Commercial, whatever your commercial property needs, we provide solutions.

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