Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is the process of fixing equipment after it has broken down.  

Equipment breakdowns are inevitable in any organisation. But with a well-rounded maintenance strategy that includes reactive maintenance, you can minimise the negative impact of these breakdowns. 

Reactive Maintenance

What Is Reactive Maintenance?

There is no way to predict when something will go wrong with your commercial property. But when it does, you want to be sure that repairs are carried out efficiently, with as little disruption to your business as possible. That’s where reactive maintenance comes in.

At Symmetry Commercial, we offer high-quality reactive maintenance services. Our team of qualified tradespeople – electricians, plumbers, joiners, and more – are on hand to carry out repairs to the highest standards. And because we can often provide more cost-effective solutions than our competitors, you can be confident that you’re getting value for money. Plus, our quick response times mean that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance refers to repairs that are required to keep an asset functioning properly. This type of maintenance is typically in response to an unexpected problem or emergency situation. It is important to prioritise urgent maintenance in order to avoid possible losses. Factors such as replacement part availability and repair scope can impact the urgency of a maintenance issue.

Corrective Maintenance

If an asset is starting to show signs of deterioration, it’s important to take proactive measures to prevent any further damage. This may involve regularly scheduled maintenance or more significant repairs. Some people argue that this is simply reactive maintenance, but any action taken in response to a problem is classified as reactive. Corrective maintenance can be performed when the problem is detected or scheduled for later to allow the company to organise resources.


Our Types Of Reactive Maintenance Services

Weather Damages

The devastation caused by extreme weather can be widespread for both homes and businesses. Heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding can destroy buildings, damage property, and disrupt lives. When extreme weather hits, it’s important to be prepared in order to minimise damage.

  • Severe Rainfall

Water damage from severe rainfall can have devastating consequences for properties, leading to an immediate demand for reactive maintenance. Pipes and plumbing are usually sturdy and built to last. However, when there is a lot of rain that saturates the ground, it can cause the ground to move. This can put stress on your plumbing and cause damage. Reactive maintenance in this case may involve looking after broken pipes, blockages, and roof leaks.

  • Flood

If your home is not built to channel rainwater away from the property, flooding can occur. This can create significant damage to your home and can also present health risks via stagnant water. As a part of reactive maintenance, a plumber may review and revise your drainage plan to avoid flooding.

Equipment Breakdown 

Reactive maintenance plays a vital role in managing equipment breakdown. Many industries rely on efficient equipment maintenance to maintain equipment reliability. However, reactive maintenance is a suitable alternative, carrying out repairs only when the need arises. Some examples are: 

  • Food industry: Reactive maintenance of processing plants to ensure seamless food production.
  • Electric power industry: Reactive maintenance of coal-fired, nuclear, hydroelectric, or geothermal power plants.
  • Hospitality Industry: Reactive maintenance of hotels, restaurants, bars, and serviced apartments.
  • Automobile Industry: Reactive maintenance of manufacturing facilities as well as assembly plants.
  • Manufacturing: Reactive maintenance of facilities producing consumer products.


Vandalistic episodes can cause significant property damage. Reactive maintenance can help with repairs, including replacing broken windows and smashed lights, re-painting graffitied walls, and re-installing signage that has been bent or removed.


Advantages Of Reactive Maintenance 

Lower Short-Term Costs

The costs associated with periodic inspections and maintenance of equipment will be eliminated. This includes the salaries of staff who would normally carry out these tasks, as well as the cost of any preventive measures.

Minimal Planning Needed

Reactive maintenance is only carried out after damage has been done. This is different from preventive maintenance, which requires scheduling and equipment downtime for inspection and part replacement. With reactive maintenance, there is no need for advance planning. This can save on planning costs and reduce the amount of time needed for repairs.

Simple Process

Reactive maintenance is a simple process. Since no planning is necessary, there is no complexity involved in carrying out reactive maintenance operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Reactive Maintenance?
Reactive maintenance is unplanned maintenance work of your facilities. Sometimes called breakdown maintenance or run to failure, reactive maintenance happens after a problem occurs. There are two types of reactive maintenance. Emergency maintenance occurs if a flood, electrical failure, sewer pipe bursting, or essential equipment breaks down.
What Are The Benefits Of Reactive Maintenance Services?
The advantages of reactive maintenance services for many businesses are attractive because there are no complicated schedules or out-of-pocket costs. The assets keep running until they break down. Other benefits of reactive maintenance services include: - Fewer staff members needed: Because assets aren’t inspected regularly to identify potential issues, you can outsource complex repairs and breakdowns when they happen. This allows your core workforce to focus on their usual activities. - Teams are available 24/7 when unexpected events occur. - Low upfront cost: Reactive maintenance doesn’t require weekly or monthly inspections. This saves your business labour costs and replacement parts. - No planning time required: You don’t need planning with reactive maintenance services because they only occur when assets malfunction or break down.
What Is The Cost Of Reactive Maintenance Services?
Symmetry Commercial reactive maintenance services are a 24/7 service. Our team of qualified, experienced, and certified tradespeople are available to investigate, resolve and report on multiple issues. We pride ourselves on our personalised, cost-efficient reactive maintenance services, which ensure your business continues to operate with minimal interruption. Contact Symmetry Commercial to get a quote for our reactive maintenance service at tel:0393263146 or email