CASE STUDY: Dentist Design & Fitout – Excellence in Endodontics

31 December 2019     Dave Espenschied

To close out 2019 we decided to turn back the clock to 2016 by sharing with you this Dental fitout and design project.

The delivery of the Excellence in Endodontics dental specialist practice was one of our more complex projects completed in the Medical fitout field.

Early in 2016 Dr Seung Tae Kim contacted us to do the design and fitout of Excellence in Endodontics in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

As Project Manager I can quite clearly remember my first meeting with Dr Seung Tae Kim as it was a particularly hot Friday in March. Immediately I was able to ascertain the client contractor relationship would be a good one as Dr Seung Tae Kim although he was quite particular, he also had a good sense of humour and respect.

The site on Lower Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe was a bare shell to be transformed into an endodontics specialist practice – “Excellence in Endodontics”.

Our partner in Medical Design, Rooms with Style | |created a great design meeting Dr Seung Tae Kim’s exacting standards.

In many jobs we do obtaining a building permit is necessary. This $400,000 design and refit was another opportunity to work with our good friends at the Hendry Group . We worked with the Hendry Group, our engineering and design team along with the client to obtain the necessary building permit to carry out the works and eventually obtain certificates of compliance at practical completion.

The preliminary works were substantial to ensure the new endodontics building would handle the heavy and expensive equipment. Mordue Engineering  were engaged to confirm the structural integrity for the site, accounting for penetrations and other activities. Some of the other early works included a scanning of the slab by Safety Scan to select appropriate core drilling locations to allow the plumbing services to be sited correctly.

As the clinic is located above a car park this also added further complexity to the build, eg. Core-drilling was carried out to allow for plumbing services. This meant clear and timely communication and management was required to eliminate any negative impact on the cars below. As well our team of trades’ people such, as plumbing, mechanical and electrical services, had to contribute to and then follow engineering plans closely. This attention to detail was essential to ensure the services were coordinated and sited appropriately to work efficiently.

Back inside the main building structural engineering investigation by Mordue and combined with our own in house experience meant specific bracing & reinforcement of the walls was completed to ensure the specialist equipment would be ably supported.

Extensive and precise joinery was provided by our long-time companion BJ Joinery. Brian ensures top notch work every time with the Excellence in Endodontics job being another great example. Praise received from the client (before it was even complete) “I am very happy with the joinery work. Brian is very good at his work. I can’t wait to see the finished product!” Dr Seung Tae Kim.

Supply & installation of the flooring by another trusted partner, Coveney the floor covering contractors, was another specialist I coordinated with outstanding results. In this case I think the pictures do tell the story with their professionalism and quality product contributing in no small part to the response from the client.

This feedback, 6 months after completion tells the story best, “All good so far. Patients love the new place. My colleagues are all in praise of the work as well. Thanks” Dr Seung Tae Kim.

It doesn’t get much better than that, although the extra special gift of a bottle of Wild Turkey “Rare Breed” goes pretty close!