How to Stay in Business for 30 years

11 May 2018     Daniel Malton

Symmetry Commercial has been in business for longer than the average marriage, opening our business more than 30 years ago delivering commercial building maintenance and the complete range of office fitouts, health care renovations, school make goods, industrial defits and we are still going strong. So we thought we’d share a little of what we’ve learnt about business over the last few decades in our monthly blog post.


The key to success in every business is good relationships. Good relationships with your clients, suppliers and the people you work with. In our industry we’re often told that we do quality work that is also on time and on budget. This builds a good reputation especially through word of mouth. When your clients are always coming back to you and recommending you to other people in the industry for stripouts, defits, make goods, renovations as well as building maintenance, you know you’re going well. For every job you have, especially the early years do it to the best of your ability, on time and on budget. Communicate with your client at every step of the process even after the job is done.


Every job you do whether it’s some industrial maintenance, school renovation, or a hospital consulting suites defit, make good & upgrade, it has to be done to the best of your ability. If you rush through a job or try to do it on the cheap then it will show in the end result. Your clients will be pleased if you can complete your work on time and on budget, no one likes nasty surprises and unexpected bills. Even if an extra expense is not your fault, a client is likely to not be happy about it and may begrudge your company for not being able to stick to a budget or not forewarn them properly about potential additional costs. Once again timely communication is key.


You need to trust your employees, if you don’t trust them as well as your subcontractors then this will create problems in your business.

Our philosophy is that our staff have to be flexible with what they do and that we can trust them. At Symmetry Commercial we trust our employees implicitly, giving them a lot of freedom and respect.

This same philosophy should apply to your subcontractors who are an extension of employee and client relationships. When you know that your subcontractors are going to do the right thing by you and you trust them completely, you’ve chosen the right people and you can grow your business successfully.