Symmetry Commercial Building Facilities Maintenance: October

31 October 2019     Brianna Campbell

Symmetry Commercial Building Maintenance: Your Facilities Maintenance Partner

We thought we would share with you a typical month of maintenance activity and business support at Symmetry Commercial – October 2019.

Symmetry provide:

Reactive Solutions – via our 24/7 call centre all manner of jobs can be executed with speed & reliability.

Programmed Solutions – we can design & execute a program of works to ensure your assets are compliant & fully operational. 

Contract Solutions – expertly tailored to your exacting property & compliance requirements. Solutions can include something permanently on site, programmed, or ad-hoc. Control is always in your hands with communication, reporting & trust paramount.

Our clients have all different types of relationships with us as outlined above.

The table below shows ad-hoc or reactive solutions we have provided our clients in October


No. Events

Type Comment
Collins Square 238 Reactive Base building and tenant requests

44 “bump ins” & 44 “bump outs”

Reactive Labour & Construction

Additional support = 2333 hours, 417 shifts, using 38 different people



Reactive & Backlog

eg: adjusting doors & replacing hinges, removing whiteboards, tiling, grouting pavers relocating & assembling desks 

VSBA 15 Emergency Make-safes eg: Broken Windows, structural brick walls, leaking water, sliding entrance gate repair, cement sheet panels, burst pipes, loose balustrade
Other 46 Trade & Labour eg: mowing, weeding, graffiti removal, fixings, chainmesh erection, doorhinges, signs, switchboard RCDOs & more

The table above shows Symmetry Commercial completed over 400 unplanned jobs for October – our permanent and preventative team is for another blog post!

The team at Symmetry Commercial are ready and able to meet your building maintenance needs. If you would like us to help you please call 9326 3146 or goto our contact page: