Tips to Design Your Office For Improved Productivity

13 June 2023     Daniel Malton

An office that has not been designed with its employees in mind leads to a lack of cohesion and motivation. No employee is going to be inspired by office space design that is not fit for purpose.

Symmetry Commercial puts employees first because they know a productive office space leads to more than just success.

Why Is Office Design Important?

Office space design is fundamental for any business. No employee is going to thrive in an environment that does not provide the conditions and atmosphere to collaborate, create and commit. When the essential ingredients of productive office space have been purposefully combined, it becomes the recipe for success.

How Does Office Design Affect Productivity?

Office design for productivity works in partnership with being fit for purpose. When employees feel comfortable and connected to their work environment, they are more likely to be productive. Why? Because people respond to their environment, and when an office space design has been created with intent and purpose, employees are more likely to be productive.

It goes without saying, employees need a positive and well-constructed work environment so they can focus on the task at hand and feel comfortable whilst doing it. However, some of the most important elements of office space design often get overlooked. For example, room to move. When employees do not have adequate space, it can lead to feelings of discomfort and disorganisation.

When the temperature of the air is too hot or too cold, employees lack the ability to focus. When employees are not focused, it leads to distraction, and simple tasks can take longer to perform.

Other things to consider are colour schemes, art and indoor plants. Colour and art affect our mood and inspire creativity. Indoor plants or outside communal spaces also lead to productivity because people are generally happier when exposed to nature.

Office Lighting

An essential element to consider when designing a productive office space is lighting.

Although lighting is a great way to complement any working space, it must be considered carefully; too much can lead to health and safety problems and not enough can lead to eye strain. Knowing how and where to introduce light is going to make a huge difference, especially when it comes to creating a productive workspace. For example, natural light is important for improving mood and the body’s natural circadian rhythm.  Warm lights invite calm and comfort, whereas cool lights enhance collaboration and reduce fatigue.

Before the installation of any lighting, consider the size of the environment, the height of the ceilings, the size of windows and any colour schemes. A well-crafted and designed lighting plan will not only enhance the workspace but provide the right conditions for employees to feel comfortable whilst working and experience a sense of improved mood and well-being. 


Indoor plants are a great way to improve the working environment because not only do they enhance the quality of the working space, but they offer a sense of calm and provide both physical and mental nourishment.

Employees commonly feel happier when surrounded by plants because the purified air brings clarity, and the natural elements inspire creativity. When clarity and creativity collide, motivation becomes the driving force, which means employees generally get more done.

The quality of the air and levels of pollution inside buildings is almost always higher than what they are outside. When air quality is poor, it affects overall health and performance and contributes to increasing levels of burnout.

Another advantage of indoor plants is that they improve employee memory retention, and performance naturally increases. When employees actively engage within their environment, they are better and more productive workers.

Plants for office productivity can be introduced in creative ways, although it is important to consider the level of maintenance. Some plants do not thrive in indoor conditions, so make sure you consult with Symmetry Commercial who are experts in the industry and will save you time and money.


Office space design should have a comfortable colour scheme that enhances productivity without causing distraction.  Colours have a significant effect on employee mood, emotions and overall well-being. Work with Symmetry Commercial and create the perfect office space design that has a well-crafted colour scheme. 

White is most commonly used in a clinical environment and may not be the most creative or inspiring colour in a home office.

The colour blue is often popular within a workspace because it promotes efficiency and well-being. Blue produces feelings of harmony and is a popular colour to use within fast-paced working environments because it reduces stress.

Creative workspaces often use the colour yellow because it is considered to be a bright colour inspiring creativity and innovation.

For those wanting to connect office design for productivity with nature, consider the colour green. Green is not only visually appealing but produces feelings of calm and balance. Red, on the other hand, is a good choice of colour if the intention is to boost employee stimulation and excitement.

Symmetry Commercial know what it takes to improve productivity in the workplace and wants employees to experience the most effective atmosphere. Office colours for productivity can be easy when you work with Symmetry Commercial. 

Design Your Office Space With Symmetry Commercial

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