Understanding What An Office Fit Out Is & Why It Is Important

11 August 2023     Daniel Malton

An office fitout is where we make an interior space suitable for people to work in. It includes everything electrical, all furnishings, storage, decorations and more.

They go beyond mere aesthetics. A great office fitout can improve morale, increase productivity and give you staff who are happy to come to work every day.

A thoughtfully designed office fitout can leave room for expansion at a later date in such a way that it will be economically viable to do so.

You can brand yourself, give off a professional vibe, or a young and energetic vibe, purely from the style of the fitout. Have a look at some of the options we have to give you for your office fitout.

What is An Office Fit Out?

An office fitout transforms a space into an environment where people can work and collaborate in a fully functioning office space.

A good office fitout considers layout for perfect use of space without overcrowding. It includes installation of environmental controls, electronics and network infrastructure, partitions, flooring and anything else a modern office requires. Kitchens and bathrooms too.

An office fitout enables you to brand your workspace and improve your employees’ daily life.

What Are The Benefits Of An Office Fit Out?

Your business and employees can all benefit from a wonderful new office fitout.


Maximising Use Of Office Space

A well-designed and considerate office space takes into account all your needs. You don’t want to overcrowd your space and fill it with desks. You can use intelligent design for storage, walk flow through the office, and thoughtful placement of facilities like kitchens, bathrooms, and photocopiers.

Maximising office space also includes room to rest and gather as a team to discuss work, or the weekend.

Boost Staff Productivity

Creating a warm and inviting workspace can boost staff morale and happiness, increasing productivity. Feeling comfortable and happy in the office can increase a sense of belonging and motivation, aligning with company values and working well with each other.

Improved Collaboration Amongst Staff

This improved sense of self and happiness can encourage collaboration and teamwork amongst your staff. They’re happy to be there and happy to work together. You can also encourage this through fitout design, providing meeting rooms, both formal and informal gathering spaces to chat and collaborate.

Brand Image 

A great office fitout will reflect your brand’s image, colours, and values even. If you’re a champion for the environment, your office would have lots of natural light, plants and recycling visible everywhere. Alternatively, if you’re at the forefront of technology, you may want clean, crisp lines and minimalist appeal, with screens and other tech on display.

You want to wow people, and get them into your state of mind, just by having them walk through your front door. It will leave a positive, lasting impression on them, and they’ll remember you once they’ve left your office.

Health & Safety Requirements Are Met

The years of experience that Symmetry Commercial has allowed us to design an office fitout that complies with all relevant occupational health and safety regulations. You will have a stunning-looking office space that is safe to work in as well.

Things to consider when making an office space safe to work in include:

  • Clearly labelled fire exits
  • Non-slip flooring in wet areas.
  • Adequate ventilation.
  • Adequate lighting.
  • Full accessibility options.

You can trust that Symmetry Commercial will have your office ticking all the health and safety boxes.

Use Of Up To Date Technology

Installing up-to-date technology in a refit can greatly improve efficiency between teams and up productivity all around. High-speed internet connections and awesome WiFi speeds things up and reduces the irritation of slow printing, slow emails and more. Smart TV’s you can cast to, and big screens you can use in meeting rooms for remote participants really help. And the best presentation technology can really sell your brand as current and at the forefront of your industry.

Investing in the latest technology allows access to the newest information, and the best tools, to enable your team to work better. Having the best tech can also attract the best talent to

How Much Does An Office Fit Out Cost?

Naturally, an office fitout is not a one size fits all, and as such, one price doesn’t fit all either. Get in touch with us to discuss a custom office fitout for you, the project steps and the cost to deliver.

Use A Professional Office Fit Out Company Today

If you’re starting up and want your working space to be awesome from the get-go, or you want a freshen-up, and better place to work, give Symmetry Commercial a call. Our friendly and professional designers and engineers would love to talk about what they can do to make your office better, more dynamic, and more YOU.

Visit our website, check out the projects we’ve completed, read some of our blogs, get to know us, and then we can get to know you.